Fraser Alexander
Central Midfielder
Free Agent
Footballer Logo for Fraser Alexander Midfielder depicting a football player inside a cog of a wheel

Why me?

I am a solid, energetic central midfielder who in defence can anticipate, prevent or intercept and break up the opposition play and in attack, I will distribute the ball to the team's playmakers. I understand and take on board tactical changes quickly and when in possession, I receive and pass the ball quickly.

Having me in your team allows others to have the confidence to do what they do best knowing I am capable at supporting them in possession and out of possession.

I can be relied upon for effort, consistency and level headedness.


Why now?

I Progressed through the Ipswich Town FC academy from the age of 7. I had multiple England training camps at U15 and U16 level. I signed a scholarship and a 2 year pro at Ipswich. After making my debut I went on loan to Cheshunt in the Conference South.

I left Ipswich in the summer of 2023 and joined Bishops Stortford FC in the Conference North.

After 60+ appearances in step 2, I am looking to step back into the professional game.


Why the Cog/silhouette logo?

I see myself as a player who can help and support others to step up a gear in performance in either defence or attack.   In midfield, I take as much satisfaction from the team performance and the successes of my teammates as I do my own.

My cog has 11 spokes (for 11 players in the team) and while I am in the centre, I'm there because of the position I play in the team and not for the limelight, hence the silhouette.


Why the website?

I wanted to make it easy for those who want to find out a little more about me and what I can contribute to a team by bringing together all my stats, clips and achievements into one place.

I'd be interested in receiving any feedback on whether this works or if I'm missing something?

Many thanks

Fraser Alexander